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Breast Cancer Mittens

Breast Cancer Mittens


Adult and youth sized breast cancer support mittens. Available in the following colours options (left to right in the first photo):

- (1) ADULT SIZE bright pink with single light pink ribbon

- (2) ADULT SIZE white with bright pink ribbon & heart design

- (3) ADULT SIZE black with pink ribbon & hearts

- (4) ADULT SIZE pink with bright pink heart ribbon (THIS PAIR IS FLEECE LINED)

- (5) ADULT SIZE bright pink with light pink heart ribbon
- (6) YOUTH SIZE white with two-toned ribbon design 


Mittens are adult sized measuring approximately 4-inches across at the palm. Fleece lined pair (#4) will fit slightly smaller.

Mittens are youth sized measuring approximately 3.5-inches across at the palm and 8.5-inches from hem to tip.

Care Instructions: Washer friendly in cold water, lay flat to dry.

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